October 7, 2019

Should I hire an Interior Designer?

Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.
- Paul Rand

I started my interior design career over 20 years ago and have lost track of how many times I’ve been asked, “Do I really need to hire a designer?”

The short answer is probably. Here’s why: if you’re even thinking about using a designer, then your instinct is whispering to you that you need the help of an interior designer.

Clients often gather inspiration photos long before they start to renovate a kitchen, a bathroom, or any space in their home. Inspiration photos are put in a folder and over time the folder grows, but the project doesn’t ever get out of that folder and off of the ground. You can spend hours collecting tile samples, cabinetry samples, countertop samples, not to mention sinks, hardware, lighting, faucets, and appliances. Once you’ve spent those hours (and hours!) collecting these inspirations, then your next question is likely, “Do these all work together? Did I buy the right product?”

Simply put, a home renovation project can go from exciting to overwhelming very quickly, which is where I can help.

As a designer, I start by getting to know you – what styles you’re drawn to and how you want your space to function. From there, I narrow down the decisions so that you’re not overwhelmed looking at copious pages of design ideas. And then we select materials that coordinate with each other and put together drawings of your renovation, along with samples of the materials to see, so that you now have a snapshot of how the space is ultimately going to look.

My role as a designer continues with meeting the contractor on site to review our ideas.  This helps alleviate any conflict between the proposed design and the actual field conditions and/or limitations. If we can’t bring a design to life because of structural or financial concerns, then the whole effort is moot, no matter how beautiful it may look on paper.

Once you feel good about the projected design, and upon approval of the items, the materials are ordered so that they are on site ahead of the projects start date.

So how much is hiring a designer going to tack on to your final renovation bill? While each designer charges differently, I customize my cost based on your needs. I can draw up a retainer to help you with everything from choosing paint colors to completing an entire kitchen remodel. I also offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation at my studio in Berryville, where we can discuss your project and how I might help you with any designing needs.